23 Nov

Friends is a word i think everyone should know, learn and have. If you had no friends could you really live life to the full? I couldn’t survive without my amazing friends! All the things i have done with them: Shopping, cinema, ice skating, swimming and loads more. I can’t imagine what i would have missed out on without my friends.
This week or last week was anti-bulling week. But it’s not just about bulling it’s about friends as well. If you were bullied who would stick up for you? Would you help a friend who was being bullied?

Ollie (also known as Olivia) Maxine Schneegas Wilson is one or probably THE BEST friend I have. We like tons of the same things: clothes, style, hairstyles, books, lessons, photography and yet we have so different. We have totally different tastes in music i love pop (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Olly Murs) but really dislike rock. This is probably because of the numerous times my dad has played it whilst we have been sitting down around the table for a ‘family’ meal, or even in the car when he is driving he INSISTS on having his choice of ‘music’ on full blast throughout the journey. Ollie here likes rock and indie. I don’t so much as hate indie but it’s not preferable for me. Today I experienced something I haven’t for a while with Ollie. Today we walked from school to the bus stop together. I know this doesn’t sound amazingly fun and your probably thinking what an amazing life i have had so far but to me it is something great. We used to do it in year 7 every day but for a while we haven’t done it  and today was a really nice time, just us two together chatting. I love Ollie and last saturday i went for a sleepover at hers. We watched A nightmare on Elm Street but it wasnt scray, it was hilarious. We laughed the whole way through it!! I could go on all day (and i mean all day) about me and Ollie and how she is a wonderfull friend but i must stop as you are probably getting bored already!

My other best friend i wanted to talk about is Jennifer Jenkins (also know as by me ‘My Munchkin’). She is a fabulous friend. I can go to her at any time, with any problem. She (as well as Ollie) has one of the best traits i think a friend can have, she is always there for me. She likes pretty much the same music as me pop!! We both like the same artists and singers although she likes One Direction but i’m afraid i don’t like them much (sorry any 1d fans). We both like the same dress sense, hairstyles, hobbies and lots more. One thing she doesn’t like much is P.E but, depending on what we do, i LOVE it. I suppose this is down to the fact that i am a very sporty person. I don’t think in the history of our friendship we have every fallen out! I think this is because Jen is a very easy-going person but is always nice to everybody. She is totally the opposite to Ollie who is very stubborn like me, this means we fall out sometimes but that’s what makes our friendship stronger.

Today i thought about friends and the reasons why you need them. If you see someone looking down or sad it’s simple, just go up to them and ask them how they are! It’s not rocket science and even a quick smile here and there can get you a lot of friends in life!
Tomorrow I am talking to you about Ollie (kind of) again but really about my (hopefully if i don’t get cold feet) new hairstyle!

Bye, Rosie x


2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. jen November 23, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    I think that’s very true. Everyone needs friends, we’d be lost if we didn’t have friends.

  2. Ollie November 23, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    aw yey love you little girl<3

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