27 Nov


Im sorry i havent been writing much for the last few days but i have been REALLY busy!!!! Yesturday i went shopping with my friend Rivi. It was really fun and i got a few things including a really super-awesome purse from this random phone shop (I know i was wondering how it got there too!!), this ultra-hip skirt from Punkyfish and this really nice small bag from Primark. I have taken a picture for you of all and as you can see they are right below this.
I also saw Ollie in town but very briefly as i was sitting on the bus and she was walking past.

   (sorry the pictures are not the best quality!!! Had to do them in 3 seconds!)

In my last post I said at the end that my next post would be about my hair. Well today is the day of my haircut! I am getting it shaved on one side of my head. It will look really good if it all goes well. The only down side is if I dont like it then it will take like 1 and a half years to grow back :/ I have decided that the easiest way to explain and show you my new (and old) hair would be by a vlog. A vlog is a cross between a video and a blog.
I will upload this vlog later when my friend Millie comes round.

I’m really sorry that I haven’t got very much but here is Ollie’s blog. If you want to read another blog like this then read it! I will be back later!!


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