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Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Happy new year everyone! This year has brought many joys and many sad times but it’s time for a new year! 2012 will be bigger and better and who knows what will come about in 2012? Maybe the best invention yet? Or a brand new singer? All I know is that I am going to enjoy 2012 as much as I can and that it will be a great year! All those people who are vowing for a new year, a new start, well im not going to be on eof them! I may have a few resolutions but i certainly enjoyed this year, i wouldn’t change a thing about it! Happy new year everyone! Enjoy it!

Rosie x



28 Dec

I have tumblr! You can follow me on it! My name is my head and me just like this blog! If you have any thing you want to say please feel free and comment and if you follow me i’ll follow you! Please and get as many people as you can to follow me! Much appreciated and Im alos on twitter but thats just my name as me so yeah hope you find me and PLEASE follow!!!

Models Own

17 Dec

Today i went to my aunts for a family get together and well i opened 2 christmas presents! Okay okay okay so i admit it was a bit naughty but who could resist the chance of opening 2 christmas presents a week early? Well i certainly coudn’t! I tore open the wrapping paper and inside the firts one was a pair of David and Goliath pj bottoms!!! I absoloutly adore d&g stuff and i LOVED it!

The second present was a gift set of models own with a buffer, nail varnish, crackle varnish, clear varnish and pink nail varnish. It was amazing and i really liked it but it also came with a £10 gift voucher 😀
I have no idea what to spend it on as everything they do is amazing! i have decied to go with a nail varnish and another thing but i just cant choose! Models own is a great brand and gives good quality products whatever it is. They are cheaper than most make-up brands but i prefer Models Own.

I really dont know what to choose and any comments would be greatly valued 😀 thanks


2 Dec

Im sorry!!!!! I know i havent updated for a while but again i have been very very busy!! I cant show my vlog today as i havent finished or uploaded it but i PROMISE to do it tomorrow!
As i havent updated and stuff I am going to make a promise:

  • I will post everyday (unless i am very very very busy)!
    It might be only short as i might not be able to think of something to write about but sometimes it might be very long!

I hope I can stick to it and i think if Ollie sticks to it I will to!

Tomorrow I will upload my vlog but until then bye!!!

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