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The Hunger Games Unofficial companion

30 Apr

So my new book review is up on The Book Club website.

Here is what i think of the book:

The Hunger Games Unofficial Companion
The Hunger Games is a worldwide phenomenon, with almost everyone having heard of it before. In this great new book, Lois H. Gresh brings us the facts and the all the questions answered in this spectacular new book!
This book is packed with everything from fun facts to the main themes from the book!
It has so many interesting little snippets in the book that you literally can’t put it down! The layout is also very interesting and different, with bullet points, tables, boxes and different fonts everywhere; it just makes it so much more fascinating to the eye.
I would recommend this book to the older readers of The Hunger Games trilogy as there were a few hard words at the beginning but any Hunger Games lover from around 12- 16 or even for adults who like the Hunger Games!
I loved all of the book but my favourite bits where when Lois H. Gresh really made you think and question all the details of the books! I also loved it when you answered the questions and it really made you think about if the Hunger Games became real, or if it even would be possible for the Games to be real!
I loved every bit of this book, definitely 10/10!


Silent Sunday

29 Apr


Foodie Friday: Hovis Bread

27 Apr

Today I cheated a bit for foodie friday :/ okay so it’s not all my own but I did make it. I cheated by using a Hovis white bread mix. Okay I know, I shouldn’t have but i had to quickly rustle something up and it was in the cupboard!


Hovis bread mixture
300ml, water
25g butter or margarine

First put the mix into a big bowl and add the butter.

Butter in mix

Rub together until it forms breadcrumbs. Add the water bit by bit, mixing it in as you go along.

Bread dough

Mix together until a dough is formed.

Bread dough 2

Now lightly flour a clean surface.

Lightly floured surface

Now put your dough on the surface and kneed for about 8-10 mminutes.

Kneed dough

After this, put your dough into whatever shapes you want on a greased tray or in a greased bread tin.

Bread roll

Preheat oven to 220 oc/450 oc or gas mark 7.Cover in a damp cloth and set aside for 1 1/2- 2 hours in a warm place, until they have doubled in size.

Damp cloth

Take out after 20 mintues or until golden brown on top! Leave to cool and the enjoy!


P.s they are best served warm with butter on top 😉

Bread and butter




26 Apr

Rolo is my cat.


As you can see he is a ginger tabby cat. He is, I admit, a bit on the tubby side but I think he is just adorable and cuddly! We didn’t give him the name Rolo but i love it and think nothing would suit him better. He sleeps on my bed at night and just generally ‘hangs out’ with me (usually lying on my bed!).
Just a quick post today but that’s what i decided to do! My cat Rolo!

Action- The gallery

25 Apr

This week the theme for The gallery is action. I thought long and hard about it and when it came to the photo, it had to be this one i took!

Billy jumping

This is my bro on the trampoline, just jumping about. For me action is fast, fun and well a little bit dangerous! I chose this picture because i think it is a great ‘in action’ shot. We bought this trampoline with our own money. I tell you this has totally changed my life, fun and just great for keeping fit! It also has opened up more sports for me and I have got into competitions for trampolining as well! Truly a great thing to buy!

My room

24 Apr

I was bored with my white, bare walls in my room so i re-decorated! Here is my room now!

Bedroom wall 1

Bedroom wall 2

Bedroom wall 3

Yep, VERY plain isn’t it?!?! So I have basically used most ALL of my photos and little bits and bobs to stick up on my wall. It really is like my life in photos on my walls, i love it!

Hand draw heart nail

23 Apr

So today i decided to do another nail art tutorial. I saw this really simple design on Pinterest and thought it would be nice to do them.

First paint a layer of clear varnish onto your nails.

Clear nail varnish

Now paint another layer on top of that (when it has dried). It can be any colour you like, i chose yellow.

Yellow nail varnish

After this layer have dried, draw half of your heart, anywhere on your nail using a nail art pen.

Half the heart

Now draw the other half of your heart.
Viola! Hand draw heart nails!
If you want, you can colour  in your hearts but i left it at that!

Heart nails

P.s Don’t forget to let your nails dry!

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