Ruby Redfort- Look into my eyes review

9 Apr

I had the lucky chance to join ‘The book club‘ teen reader pannel which means I get to review lots of books for them. I write a review to go on their website and I will also post the reviews on here.I chose Ruby Redfort and here is my review.

Look into my eyes

Lauren Child is most well known for her Charlie and Lola books but this Ruby Redfort series is going to be a smash hit.

Ruby Redfort is a super-sassy, intelligent girl who is a marvel at code cracking. She is asked to join a case at spectrum (a secretive spy base) and asked to crack a code to save the gold bullion being transported to Twinford. Along the way meet Hitch; the mystery man helping Ruby, Mrs Digby their much loved house keeper and Clancy Crew; son to Ambassador Crew and best friends with Ruby. But will Ruby manage to crack the code in time for the big night? You’ll have to read it to find out!

I really loved this book because as soon as I started reading, I got sucked into it. It was a fast page turner, it had a great, believable plot and you can relate to all of the characters.

I really enjoyed all of it but my favourite bits were when I was seeing if she could break the codes and if she could do it in time! I was so into the book that when I was reading it, in the tense moments I felt all the emotions that Ruby felt herself!

If you are a girl between the ages of 10 and 14 I think you’ll love the Ruby Redfort series. As soon as I ended the book I was hungry for more! I think this was a fantastic book for teenagers from Lauren Child and I just can’t wait until the second book of the series is published!


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