Foodie Friday: Hovis Bread

27 Apr

Today I cheated a bit for foodie friday :/ okay so it’s not all my own but I did make it. I cheated by using a Hovis white bread mix. Okay I know, I shouldn’t have but i had to quickly rustle something up and it was in the cupboard!


Hovis bread mixture
300ml, water
25g butter or margarine

First put the mix into a big bowl and add the butter.

Butter in mix

Rub together until it forms breadcrumbs. Add the water bit by bit, mixing it in as you go along.

Bread dough

Mix together until a dough is formed.

Bread dough 2

Now lightly flour a clean surface.

Lightly floured surface

Now put your dough on the surface and kneed for about 8-10 mminutes.

Kneed dough

After this, put your dough into whatever shapes you want on a greased tray or in a greased bread tin.

Bread roll

Preheat oven to 220 oc/450 oc or gas mark 7.Cover in a damp cloth and set aside for 1 1/2- 2 hours in a warm place, until they have doubled in size.

Damp cloth

Take out after 20 mintues or until golden brown on top! Leave to cool and the enjoy!


P.s they are best served warm with butter on top 😉

Bread and butter




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