The Hunger Games Unofficial companion

30 Apr

So my new book review is up on The Book Club website.

Here is what i think of the book:

The Hunger Games Unofficial Companion
The Hunger Games is a worldwide phenomenon, with almost everyone having heard of it before. In this great new book, Lois H. Gresh brings us the facts and the all the questions answered in this spectacular new book!
This book is packed with everything from fun facts to the main themes from the book!
It has so many interesting little snippets in the book that you literally can’t put it down! The layout is also very interesting and different, with bullet points, tables, boxes and different fonts everywhere; it just makes it so much more fascinating to the eye.
I would recommend this book to the older readers of The Hunger Games trilogy as there were a few hard words at the beginning but any Hunger Games lover from around 12- 16 or even for adults who like the Hunger Games!
I loved all of the book but my favourite bits where when Lois H. Gresh really made you think and question all the details of the books! I also loved it when you answered the questions and it really made you think about if the Hunger Games became real, or if it even would be possible for the Games to be real!
I loved every bit of this book, definitely 10/10!


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