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A strange flower!

31 May



Sunshine- The Gallery

30 May

Today’s The Gallery was Sunshine!


My pic shows the last sun i saw (not including today)! I was on the trampoline, saw it, and snapped it straught away!
I love the sun! It’s hot, sunny, warm and a great excuse to get out your summer gear! The last few days i have found it too hot. I was down to a vest top and shorts and i was still sweaty and sticky! I mean how hot can BRITAIN get?! This country IS known for its rain people, how did we get this glorious weather?! Im so glad we did though!

Holiday Hat

29 May

My hat!

My new hat my mum bought me for me/her! It was £1 from M&Co.!

Silent Sunday

27 May


Foodie Friday: Raspberry Crush

25 May

So today I decided to try Raspberry Crush that i saw in a Morrison’s magazine.

raspberry crush drink!

Raspberry Crush


125g of caster sugar
Ginger (size of a walnut)- if you don’t like ginger you don’t have to put it in!
1.5 liters of cold tap water
zest and juice of 1 lime
10 fresh mint leaves
250g fresh raspberries

First put in the caster sugar, ginger, tap water, lime and mint leaves into a pan and simmer  for 5 minutes.

raspberry crush ingredients

Now add the raspberries and cook for another 2 minutes.

raspberry crush raspberries

Strain all the ingredients through a sieve with the back of your spoon leaving out the raspberry pips.

raspberry crush sieve

Leave to cool and bottle until you want to drink!

raspberry crush drink

P.s i next i would lay off the ginger if you don’t like it that much!

Picture Postcard- The Gallery

23 May

So today is the 100th promt from The Gallery!

Love in the sand

This is a picture of love in the sand. I took it last time i was on the beach and i think it would be a great picture on a postcard.

Milfod on sea sunshine

Milfod on Sea is picture perfect! The beach is so sandy and the rocks and great fun. I took this picture on the off chance and im very glad of the outcome. This really is a picture perfect place, i erg you to go and visit sometime!

Also happy 100th The Gallery posts! I have only been involved in a few but im very glad and it’s great fun!


22 May


Okay people i am a SUCKER for shoes! I LOVE them! The newest addition to my collection is these new black wedges from H&M. They were AMAZING for £14.99, really cheap! I am saving them for my holiday soon which will be soooo exciting, i can’t wait!

I also bought a pair of black stilettos for £6 a few weeks ago which are great! I really love them!

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