Million Dollar Mates

5 May

I was ill on the day i received this book and i read it all in one day! Cathy Hopkins is a fantastic author! Here is my review:

Million Dollar Mates

Million Dollar Mates by Cathy Hopkins
Cathy Hopkins is my favourite author. She has also written the well-known Mates, Dates series. So when I got this book through the post to review I was so excited! I was off school that day and I read the WHOLE book straight beginning to end in a day!
Jess Hall is moving to Number 1 Porchester Park, THE place where all the latest celebs (and princes) move to! Her dad has landed the manager role of the apartments and they are moving in! Join Jess in her journey, exploring Porchester Park and find out which A-list celebrities she meets! But is this apartment block all its cut out to be?
I loved it! I think Cathy Hopkins is a world class writer and this book was no exception. The fun, fast paced book keeps you up to date with Jess’s life and gives you little secrets about behind the glamorous life as a celebrity. I wasn’t able to put this book down once; so much that I had to finish it all the way through!
Any girl between the ages of 10-14 would love this book as much as I did! Any other Cathy Hopkins fan will also want to add this to their reading list!
Definitely 5 stars!


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