Life ambitions

17 May

I have never thought about my life ambitions really but today i will give it a go!

Life ambitions:

  • Be famous! (photographer, designer, stylist, model, singer!)
  • Meet Lady Gaga! (She is one of my idols it would be such an honor to meet her)
  • Own a house with a swimming pool! (the luxury!!!)
  • Have a bit of money (i don;’t have to be a millionaire or anything, just be able to have some extra to fall back on)
  • Go to America! (i have always wanted to go there since i was a little girl)
  • Have a few horses (most girls do want some but i would love to own a stables)
  • Own a little boutique or restaurant in Paris!

These are some of my ambitions when i am older!


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