My trip to Italy

26 Jun

So a few weeks ago in the holidays i went to Italy for a break and thought i’ll show you what i got up to day-by-day.

So today is going to be the day we went Tuesday:

We got up at 4.30 in the morning!!! Left for the airport and finally got on the aeroplane at 8am (after some good old shopping of course!). We flew with BA and had a great trip going out!

We then got a 4 seated taxi for 5 of us! It was a great squish i can say! This was the first view we were greeted with!


It took us an hour to get to the Hilton but it was a great journey! When we got there we went straight to our rooms, then to the pool. It was AMAZING!


After a good 5 hours in the pool and in our room we went to the exec. lounge to have a light snack before going into town.

Bay of Naples at night

After we went into town and had a traditional pizza, we went back and snuggled down into bed for a good nights sleep after the looong start we had!



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