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Pink tipped nails

31 Jul

Nail time again! I just did an amazing pink shades design. In the design i used Kiss pink nail artist paint and it worked amazingly! It dries so quickly but also the brush is thin enough to paint amazing nail designs!

Kiss nail artist pink


But silly, silly me I forgot to take any pics so i will just have to try and show you without them!

Nails pink shades
It was very simple to do and only contained 3 different pinks.Simply paint your whole nail in the lightest colour first then let it dry.
Now paint your second shade on top of that, but 1/3 the way up this time, like in the pic.
Lastly after the 2nd shade has dried, paint your darkest (or brightest) colour on the tip!

Let it dry and voila! Enjoy!


Women’s Olympic road race

30 Jul

The women’s road race went through Kingston and i was there! This will be a great memory for years to come! Sadly as i didnt get any tickets this was a great opportunity to get involved and see some of the action!

olympics women's road race


When i first heard that the race was coming through Kingston i wasn’t particularly interested, in fact a bit annoyed since it would mean having to come home very late from my gran’s when the road opened. Since then though, my spirit has grown and i am so glad i went! The whole atmosphere and spirit was amazing even though it was literally thundering and lighting!

Olympics- spirit

Even through the rain everyone was enjoying it and when the Olympians came past it was a fantastic feeling of pride and joy for our country (who was 2nd at the time)! We were all craning for a good look with cameras at the ready for the racers to cycle round the bend!

It really was a great time and i am glad i went! After all Lizzie Atkinson Gb did win silver and i saw her in the race!

Silent Sunday

29 Jul


Aztec nail tutorial

25 Jul

Sorry ive been away for so long!

Today im going to show you how to do Aztec nails!

aztec nails



1. Paint a layer of clear nail varnish onto your nails. When they are dry, coat it with a layer of white nail varnish.

aztec nails- white


2. After your coat has dried, paint on, using a black nail art pen, draw on any aztec design. You can find loads here on Pinterest!
I chose to start of with a half rectangle.

aztec nails- design3. A great way to do an aztec design is to layer it. With different colours just draw on top of your black design.

aztec nails- layering


4. another good idea is doing your tips a bright colour and doing a design on that.

aztec nails- tips aztec nails- tips 2







5. Another great idea is to add triangles to your designs.

aztec nails- triangles

aztec nails- triangles 26. My last tip is to include dots in your design.

aztec nails- final designEnjoy! It looks difficult but actually pretty easy!




Silent Sunday

22 Jul

Giant Kit Kat

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

16 Jul

My latest review for the book club is ‘Billionaire Boy’ by ‘David Walliams’ yes you heard it, David Walliams the comedian! I found it hilarious!

This is a fantastically hilarious novel by David Walliams!
It made me laugh and I enjoyed every second of it!
Joe Spuds is a 12 year old billionaire. His dad got rich making loo roll. Go along with Joe whilst he tries to cover up he has money. and lots of it. so he can make a TRUE friend. David Walliams shows that even if you have money (and tons of it), doesn’t necessarily make you happy!
This is a great story and i love the way David Walliams actually talk to you through the words!
A great story from a particularly great author. Anyone between the ages of 9 and 13 will LOVE this book, even if you don’t know who David Walliams is!

Silent Sunday

15 Jul


Drinks in Italy! Good memories!

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