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The Vampire Diaries- Season 1

31 Aug

This is the smash hit series, The Vampire Diaries from ITV 2 on DVD. When I first got the DVD I decided to watch it as a treat, just the first episode for tonight then maybe tomorrow, another episode to make the Dvds last longer. That did not happen! Let’s just say they lasted about 4 nights with me watching them! Even in the first minute you get gripped!

At the beginning you might think it is your normal ‘Edward and Bella’ romance and it might be just like Twilight but no, it’s so much more. As you watch you discover a whole new take on vampires which, I have to say, is exciting!
This is a great movie for any teenager. There is so much suspense and the suspension is great! I personally love the moments when you can tell something bad is going to happen like a vampire coming to hunt and feed! The whole atmosphere is so amazingly created and it was truly addictive.
As soon as the first episode was over I was hungry for more, so I simply pressed play! That is the beauty of having the whole season on Dvd. The fact you can just press play and watch episode after episode, without having to wait a whole week for the next instalment is fantastic, especially if you are like me and just can’t wait a week for it!

The characters are played so well, it just makes the episodes more realistic and believable. I have to say, one of the main brothers (Damon Salvatore) is very, very(!!) fit with his dark,  mysterious looks and charms!
As a lover of fashion, I love when there are moments when the story goes back in time and you can see the late 19th century dresses which are amazingly pretty and make me wish I owned a dress like that!

I realised they have made 3 seasons and season 4 is due to come out in October! I am so excited! I hope to see more romance and lots more bloodsucking vampires! I cannot say what else I would like to see as I have not yet finished the first season, let alone the others. I have one more episode left on season 1 which I will watch the night before I go back to school, as a treat… No wait that’s a lie I won’t be able to wait, I will have to watch it tonight, and when I am done I am straight off to eBay to buy season 2 box set and ALL the books in The Vampire Diaries series!
I can’t wait to sink my teeth into series 2!

The Vampire Diaries- Stefan, Elena and Damon


Im back!

28 Aug

Sorry i have been on holiday but i will resume blogging soon!

Sorrento 2

Celebrity spotting!

18 Aug

Okay i just had to share this with you!

I met Mo Farah in town today!!!! I was sooo excited! He was really nice and he was just being a normal person with his wife and daughter shopping! You have to admit its good of him to just act normal and be a really nice person!
Have you met anyone in your town before! Comment below!!

Watermelon Nails

17 Aug

Today im going to do a watermelon nail tutorial! I found a picture on pinterest and thought it looked really cool to do! It also is so simple and takes very little time to do!
(I couldn’t find my camera so i had to do it by my phone so sorry if the pics are not the best quality!)

Watermelon nails


First off, paint a pink base for the middle of the watermelon. It can be any type of pink but i prefer a dark pink. I used a nail varnish from MUA which is sooo good as they are all only £1!

Pink base


Now draw a thin layer of green on the tips to act as the ‘outer layer’ of the watermelon

Green tips

After that, directly underneath the green, draw a thin white line.

White undertips

Now for the final touches paint little black dots or lines in the middle of your nail to act as the seeds.

Watermelon nails

Simple! Enjoy!

Ombre nails

7 Aug

I was on Pinterest a few days ago and I came across a pin about ombre nails. Naturally i pinned it then looked on the website! I just had to have a go! So here it is!

Ombre nails

Ombre nails

First choose 2 colours for your nails. I chose a mint colour and a darker turquoise.

Miss Sporty



Now paint your nail the lighter colour and wait until completely dry.

Lightest colour

After this paint onto a flat surface (newspaper or magazine i recommend as nail varnish is going on it) a pool of each colour, making sure each colour touches at the edge.

Pools of colour

Now with a toothpick swirl the colours together to get the ‘ombre’ affect.


After this, with a sponge dip it in the varnish a few times until evenly covered.


Now press over finger and press down. You can repeat this until you get the coverage you want.

Even coverage
When you have done this and your nails are dry get a cotton wool bud or brush, dip in acetone and wipe away the excess layers.

Ombre nails

What happened when you where born?

4 Aug

So its coming up to my birthday!!! Today is exactly 5 days before my birthday, if you don’t count today, i try to be optimistic!

Sadly nothing exciting happened on that day apart from the Russian President firing his Prime Minister and his cabinet for the 4th time. So i decided to look up interesting facts and found this website!

Did you know the August birth stone is a Peridot? My birth flower is a Poppy!  From Wikipedia I also found out that on my birthday it’s National Women s Day in South Africa!

Also on this day 110 years ago Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark were crowned King and Queen of Great Britain and Ireland! To be even more optimistic after my birthday i now know that there is only 137 days untill Christmas!!!!!!! But its too early to talk about Christmas just yet!

Summer ice lollies (with Crocs!)

2 Aug

So when i last met up with my Auntie gave me aCrocs ice lolly mould! So today i thought i would show you hhow i got on with these lovely summer treats!

Croc lollies

They were really easy to make! I chose Strawberry and Banana smoothie to be the contents of my lollies.

I filled them up and stuck the caps. I love the way the lolly sticks have the Crocs logo on it, i thought that was very clever.
After this i put them into my freezer to make my lovely cool lollies.

Croc lollies in the freezer

Sadly they did crack a bit but that didn’t hurt the lollies from being delicious!
Here is the final product!



I love Crocs shoes and now it would be great if they started in kitchen appliances. Imagine a kitchen full of Crocs- awesome!

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