The Vampire Diaries- Season 3

4 Oct

The Vampire Diaries Season 3


Oh my gosh! This was my favourite season so far! When I got sent bother season 2 and 3 together I was so excited! I wanted to savour it all but I just couldn’t help myself! I finished the 3rd season in literally 3 days non-stop.
Klaus, who we have seen in the previous season, the most important Original Vampire is back! He is trying to create a vampire-werewolf hybrid. Things go wrong for him and he sets out to find what’s causing this. Join Elena, Stefan and Damon while they try to fight against Klaus and save Mystic Falls! And, for anyone who is a fan of Delena (Damon and Elena); I can say that you are in for a treat, a very big one! I have cried, been shocked and laughed so much through this season! The writers are truly amazing! But, OMG, the last episode is my all-time favourite so far! The last 3 minutes (literally) are so shocking! I was left on a cliff hanger and I can’t wait until October 11th for season 4!!! So excited!!!! That’s exactly a week!!!!!
This DVD was so great with extra features and of course, skipping the adverts! It comes with an awesome booklet giving you details about all the episodes and pictures from the season!
I hope for more adventure in season 4 and see how Elena copes with her new changes! I also hope to see so much more of Delena!

You can buy The Vampire Diaries season 3 from Amazon from just £24!


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