Fashion Friday

1 Feb

A new idea to start, Fashion Friday! Every week i will give you all the latest fashion and the newest, coolest stuff. Whats hot and whats not!

Today i thought i should start today with the SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) awards that took place a few days ago. My favorite dress of the evening of the day was Jennifer Lawrence’s deep blue Dior Haute Couture dress.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior

I love this dress on her and it really gives her a fabulous feminine figure. The colour suits her and is all the range right now! Her bright red lipstick is great right now and her swept over hair gave her the total glamours look!
What did you think of her look?

Another favorite girl of mine at the SAG awards was Nina Dobrev! She look H-O-T in a pink floor length dress with chapped sleeves!
Nina Dobrev SAG awards

Miley Cyrus in Cosmopolitan!!!

My new hottest girl crush! Miley Cyrus looked rocking in her spread in Cosmopolitan!

Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan
She looks stunning in this long black blazer!

Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan  2    She is looking super hot in this lavender look! I think her hair is fabulous with her new cut!


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