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Being blown off

24 Mar

Don’t you just hate it when you have something really fun planned for a weekend and then something happens at that friend cat make t anymore?
Well that seems to be happening to me a lot recently. My best friend and I were supposed to go shopping yesterday and then it gets to the day and I get a text. Let me just tell you that the evening before that I had also letdown by a frond so I just knew what was coming. For some reason my mind seemed to foretell the future and 5 seconds later the thought had become a reality. I know it was not her fault as she was ill but I was so annoyed as I had gotten a great day lined up and I couldn’t go, let me tell you it is hard for me when I can’t go shopping once I have planned it! The thought of those cute red heels or the new blue dress still sitting on the shelf tore me apart but, hay ho there is always tomorrow (if those new shoes and dress haven’t already been taken!!)
Does this ever happen to you? Please feel free and comment below on those annoying little experiences!!


Wedding fever!!

11 Mar

Okay so last Saturday I was a bridesmaid at my aunties wedding! It was so much fun and I loved dressing up for once!
weddingggggg r and b
It was so much fun and my auntie looked just beautiful! We had the ceremony which was lovely then went on to have a reaaaally Yuuumy lunch!!

I seriously cannot express how much I love the day enough! But I will just have to show you some pics instead!

These are my cousins (daughters if the bride) who looked adorable throughout the day, although I can’t say that about the hair which didn’t even last the wall down the isle!

This is the bride and groom who both looked amazing, I especially loved my aunties dress!! 🙂

This was the most awesome thing of all! It was so creative and special! For the favours my auntie made all the guests a bag of happiness! In each of the bags they has little objects to signify things. For example they had a heart so you will always be loved, a rock to always keep you grounded and, my most favourite of all, a bacci chocolate! Bacci means kisses in italian. These are little chocs that have little bits of nut inside but seriously taste like HEAVEN!!!! The only thing is, you can only get them in Italy, so when I saw them I did a mini victory dance and it made my day even a little bit more amazing!!!
Anyway my last photo will be this

rosie and auntie marianne wedding
This is me and my auntie just before we had to walk down the isle. I will cherish this photo forever as it described the day perfectly and is actually one of only a few of just me and my auntie together. I just really love the photo.
Thank you auntie Marianne and Paul for a beautiful day and hope you enjoy the rest of your life together.
Rosie x

(im really sorry for the smaller photos, they were from my iPod and i can’t change the size!!!)


Fruit tart

3 Mar


Just a quick update:
I made a fruit tart! Thy are sooo easy to make and are DELICIOUS!
All you need is a simple pastry recipe then use mascarpone and double cream with a sprinkling of sugar mixed in and you have your own amazing fruit tart!
Oh and don’t forget the fruit topping 😉

1 Mar

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The Libster Awards

1 Mar

I have been nominated for the liebster Award! I really want to say thank you to Teganowen1 for nominating me!It really does look great fun so here i go!

Libster Awards

Here are the rules:

1. Post 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator has asked you
3. Create 11 new questions and nominate 11 new and fresh blogs and link to them
4. Go to their page and tell them about it!

11 things about me!

1. I want to be a fashion journalist when i am older and want to go to the London Collage of Fashion when i am older.
2. I am in LOVE with The vampire Diaries!!!
3. I used to live in Italy when i was younger and used to speak Italian fluently but now i can’t remember a word of it!
4. I would DIE without the internet, it’s how i stay social!!!!5. I love cooking, i think i take after my dad who is a chef.
6. I am a massive scaredy cat! I am afraid of soooo many things! The long list includes injections, spiders, bees and losing my mum in a shopping store!
7. I am the type of person that gets really annoyed very fast! I hate people that cut across you in very busy places and push in front of you on the escalator.
8. Flying is my favorite thing ever!
9. I hate one direction! Please don’t hate on me but i just find the really annoying and i can’t listen to there music!
10. I love Jacksgap on YouTube! I think they are adorable and hilarious!
11. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be New York! I would love to do a road trip all around the U.S.A. with my friends in a vintage car!

My 11 questions from Teganowen1

1. Am I an advice receiver or an advice giver?
I am definitely an advice giver! My friend Rivi says i am her ‘personal therapist’ and i like giving advice to my friends.

2. How many pairs of shoes do i have?
I just counted and it is 18.

3. Who is my ideal reader? Who would i want to read this blog?
That is a really hard question but i would probably say someone from teen vogue or a celebrity like Lady Gaga! I don’t know why but i just lover her!

4. What is one thing you wish but can’t happen?
I wish i could fly! I bet everyone says this but it’s true, wouldn’t it be so fun to see the world from a birds eye view?!?!

5. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
As i am only 13 I haven’t done many massive achievements yet but i am proud when my team came first in my trampolining competition. It seems trivial but i love trampolining and to me it was a great achievement!

6. What makes me stand out?
Ooh I feel like i’m having an interview! Well first off i don’t quit and i am a perfectionist!I also have a great sense of style and love fashion. I like to think of myself as a bubbly person who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest!

7. What is you favorite beauty product?
I love MAC lipstick! It smells so good like i wanna eat it and it does give a lovely colour! It also stays on for ages and keeps my lips looking lovely!

8. Am I a skin care kinda person?
Yes. As i am in my very early teens i really want to look beautiful! I love Simple. It works really well and makes my face look fresh everyday!

9. Why did you decide to start a blog?
I started it because of my auntie. Her blog is Marisworld. She started it up a few years ago and I really look up to her and so i wanted to start one up! I love fashion and as I mentioned before i wanted to become a journalist so i thought it would be a good idea!

10. Is there one thing you always wear? If so what is it?
I always wear skinny jeans! I find they give me a really good figure and they go with literally anything! I also have a soft spot for really warm woolen jumpers! As I type i am wearing one now and i feel so warm its lovely!

11. Texting or calling?Texting! With my phone I get free texts so I text to all my friends! I think i must be a textaholic!

My nominations! (Sorry if you have already been chosen!)

1. The Secret Life of the Canadian Teenager
2. Olivias Teen Beauty Blog
3. Fifi’s Fashion Diaries
4. Material Girl
5. Megan Young
6.Paulina Czarnecki
7. Just One Girl
8. Claireabellemakes
9. The First Lime
10. Know and Tell Crafts
11. Teen Granny

11 Question

1. Who is your favorite YouTuber?
2. Ice Cream or chocolate?
3. If you could live anywhere where would you live?
4. Adventure holiday or a Spa?
5. Your favorite TV show?
6. Do you have a favorite designer?
7.Do you have a favorite film of all time?
8. Vampires or werewolves?
9. If you had one wish for yourself, what would it be?
10. Pink or blue?
11. Are you a heels or a flats girl?

Thats all and hope you all have fun with it!!!

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