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The Vampire Diaries- Season 3

4 Oct

The Vampire Diaries Season 3


Oh my gosh! This was my favourite season so far! When I got sent bother season 2 and 3 together I was so excited! I wanted to savour it all but I just couldn’t help myself! I finished the 3rd season in literally 3 days non-stop.
Klaus, who we have seen in the previous season, the most important Original Vampire is back! He is trying to create a vampire-werewolf hybrid. Things go wrong for him and he sets out to find what’s causing this. Join Elena, Stefan and Damon while they try to fight against Klaus and save Mystic Falls! And, for anyone who is a fan of Delena (Damon and Elena); I can say that you are in for a treat, a very big one! I have cried, been shocked and laughed so much through this season! The writers are truly amazing! But, OMG, the last episode is my all-time favourite so far! The last 3 minutes (literally) are so shocking! I was left on a cliff hanger and I can’t wait until October 11th for season 4!!! So excited!!!! That’s exactly a week!!!!!
This DVD was so great with extra features and of course, skipping the adverts! It comes with an awesome booklet giving you details about all the episodes and pictures from the season!
I hope for more adventure in season 4 and see how Elena copes with her new changes! I also hope to see so much more of Delena!

You can buy The Vampire Diaries season 3 from Amazon from just £24!


The Vampire Diaries- Season 2

28 Sep

Wow! After the dramatic ending in season 1 I was left on tenterhooks! I was so excited. The final episode of season 1 had the greatest twist and I was so captivated, I just couldn’t wait for season 2! Now I have seen it and well, I am speechless.
We begin with meeting Katherine (Elena’s doppelganger) for the first time. As soon as she is on our screens she creates havoc! From making everyone think she is Elena to causing chaos in Elena’s relationship! She is all that Elena isn’t. She creates the spice from Elena’s innocence and her don’t-mess-with-me attitude. I loved her!
In this season we also discover the Sun and the Moon curse, which makes vampires slaves to the sun and werewolves servants of the moon. This opens up a whole new world and at the end we even get to meet ‘The Originals’, the first ever vampires! For anyone who loves Caroline beware, she is about to take a turn for the worse! We get to see much more of Alaric and his vampire killing skills.
As we revisit the beginning of Mystic Falls I have fallen in love again with the costumes! If you love dressing up and like the big gowns they used to wear then you will love it!
I also love the suspense. The drama.  All that makes it worth watching! This season has even more thrilling, peak-from-behind-your-pillow moments and so much more suspense!
A great little extra is that on the DVD you do not have to watch the adverts. You also get special commentary that you can watch, including unaired scenes!
I absolutely can’t wait to sit down to season 3! I hope for even more romance, drama and of course Vampires!

You can buy The Vampire Diaries Season 2 at Amazon for an amazing £18.00

The Vampire Diaries- Season 1

31 Aug

This is the smash hit series, The Vampire Diaries from ITV 2 on DVD. When I first got the DVD I decided to watch it as a treat, just the first episode for tonight then maybe tomorrow, another episode to make the Dvds last longer. That did not happen! Let’s just say they lasted about 4 nights with me watching them! Even in the first minute you get gripped!

At the beginning you might think it is your normal ‘Edward and Bella’ romance and it might be just like Twilight but no, it’s so much more. As you watch you discover a whole new take on vampires which, I have to say, is exciting!
This is a great movie for any teenager. There is so much suspense and the suspension is great! I personally love the moments when you can tell something bad is going to happen like a vampire coming to hunt and feed! The whole atmosphere is so amazingly created and it was truly addictive.
As soon as the first episode was over I was hungry for more, so I simply pressed play! That is the beauty of having the whole season on Dvd. The fact you can just press play and watch episode after episode, without having to wait a whole week for the next instalment is fantastic, especially if you are like me and just can’t wait a week for it!

The characters are played so well, it just makes the episodes more realistic and believable. I have to say, one of the main brothers (Damon Salvatore) is very, very(!!) fit with his dark,  mysterious looks and charms!
As a lover of fashion, I love when there are moments when the story goes back in time and you can see the late 19th century dresses which are amazingly pretty and make me wish I owned a dress like that!

I realised they have made 3 seasons and season 4 is due to come out in October! I am so excited! I hope to see more romance and lots more bloodsucking vampires! I cannot say what else I would like to see as I have not yet finished the first season, let alone the others. I have one more episode left on season 1 which I will watch the night before I go back to school, as a treat… No wait that’s a lie I won’t be able to wait, I will have to watch it tonight, and when I am done I am straight off to eBay to buy season 2 box set and ALL the books in The Vampire Diaries series!
I can’t wait to sink my teeth into series 2!

The Vampire Diaries- Stefan, Elena and Damon

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