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Wedding fever!!

11 Mar

Okay so last Saturday I was a bridesmaid at my aunties wedding! It was so much fun and I loved dressing up for once!
weddingggggg r and b
It was so much fun and my auntie looked just beautiful! We had the ceremony which was lovely then went on to have a reaaaally Yuuumy lunch!!

I seriously cannot express how much I love the day enough! But I will just have to show you some pics instead!

These are my cousins (daughters if the bride) who looked adorable throughout the day, although I can’t say that about the hair which didn’t even last the wall down the isle!

This is the bride and groom who both looked amazing, I especially loved my aunties dress!! ūüôā

This was the most awesome thing of all! It was so creative and special! For the favours my auntie made all the guests a bag of happiness! In each of the bags they has little objects to signify things. For example they had a heart so you will always be loved, a rock to always keep you grounded and, my most favourite of all, a bacci chocolate! Bacci means kisses in italian. These are little chocs that have little bits of nut inside but seriously taste like HEAVEN!!!! The only thing is, you can only get them in Italy, so when I saw them I did a mini victory dance and it made my day even a little bit more amazing!!!
Anyway my last photo will be this

rosie and auntie marianne wedding
This is me and my auntie just before we had to walk down the isle. I will cherish this photo forever as it described the day perfectly and is actually one of only a few of just me and my auntie together. I just really love the photo.
Thank you auntie Marianne and Paul for a beautiful day and hope you enjoy the rest of your life together.
Rosie x

(im really sorry for the smaller photos, they were from my iPod and i can’t change the size!!!)


Sunrise or Sunset?

16 Sep

I saw this on Plinky¬†and it got me thinking, which do i prefer? The sunsets are more raw and have a brighter colour but the sunsets have a more… pastel tinge to it. I think i prefer the sunrise for the brighter more sheer colours but they are always too early for me to see!

SunriseThis is my favorite picture that i just managed to capture an early December morning on my iPod!
What is your favorite, sunrise or sunset? comment below!


Silent Sunday

15 Jul


Drinks in Italy! Good memories!

My trip to Italy

26 Jun

So a few weeks ago in the holidays i went to Italy for a break and thought i’ll show you what i got up to day-by-day.

So today is going to be the day we went Tuesday:

We got up at 4.30 in the morning!!! Left for the airport and finally got on the aeroplane at 8am (after some good old shopping of course!). We flew with BA and had a great trip going out!

We then got a 4 seated taxi for 5 of us! It was a great squish i can say! This was the first view we were greeted with!


It took us an hour to get to the Hilton but it was a great journey! When we got there we went straight to our rooms, then to the pool. It was AMAZING!


After a good 5 hours in the pool and in our room we went to the exec. lounge to have a light snack before going into town.

Bay of Naples at night

After we went into town and had a traditional pizza, we went back and snuggled down into bed for a good nights sleep after the looong start we had!



1 May


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