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Back to school

15 Sep

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, it’s just because i have just started back at school! It’s been so tiring and chaotic that i haven’t had time to write yet!
When i go back to school at the start of a new school year i HAVE  to have everything new! I mean school bag, pencil case, stationary and accessories!

My new school bag is part of the Waldo Pancake collection and it only cost £20! All of my friends thought it was funny and i was quite glad as it is compact but i can fit all my books in it. So new bag: check!

Waldo pancake bag

My brother bought me a new pencil case with loads of new stationary so that was great from accessorize. Pencil case and stationary: ding!

Pencil case

New shoes. I bought me new shoes in Italy when i went on holiday for only £10 (12 euros actually but i don’t have a euro sign so it roughly translates as £10). These are amazing and i love the style of them, and you cant even find these in England!

School shoes

Finally new books. Every new year we get a new book for every subject. Everyone vows to keep it as their ‘neat book’ but, after a few pages it fails. It turns into messy doodle pages and by the end of the book you can barley read the scribbles that are our work! Then,. when we get another book, the process starts again!

Messy book


Back to school

17 Apr

Okay so today i started back at school. I admit we did have the Monday off as an inset day but still, the first day back after the half term is always the worst! The only aspect of school i actually like is the social life!
So I got on the bus, saw my friends, had a chit chat (obviously about what we did in the half term) and had a bit of a laugh. Then we got to school and… we started to do some work. The first lesson was maths. That is the absolute worst subject to come back to! Imagine sitting in class, after a nice fresh half term, doing straight line graphs. Not something i particularly enjoy.
But saying that i suppose it isn’t all bad, i mean I mentioned before that i like the social aspect and i have to say i do have some pretty good friends and I don’t mind art and p.e.
The worst thing about school is homework though! Over the holidays i had to write an evaluation on my model clay, but it had to be 500 word long! That is the main thing that annoys me. Homework is basically your class work at home, just no point to it!
What’s your take on school? Good or bad? And what about homework, do you think its good or bad?

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