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The gallery- hands

27 Jun

This weeks promt for The Gallery is hands.

The only one thing i love more than fashion is my hands and having pretty nails!

Cat nails

These were one of my favorite nails because they looked pretty but really simple to do!
I have been told a few times that my hands are really nice and if this is true then i would love to become a hand model because apparently you can get looooads of money so that would be a plus!  I really enjoy painting my nails because its such a fun thing to do and i think this photo shows that really well!


Sunshine- The Gallery

30 May

Today’s The Gallery was Sunshine!


My pic shows the last sun i saw (not including today)! I was on the trampoline, saw it, and snapped it straught away!
I love the sun! It’s hot, sunny, warm and a great excuse to get out your summer gear! The last few days i have found it too hot. I was down to a vest top and shorts and i was still sweaty and sticky! I mean how hot can BRITAIN get?! This country IS known for its rain people, how did we get this glorious weather?! Im so glad we did though!

Picture Postcard- The Gallery

23 May

So today is the 100th promt from The Gallery!

Love in the sand

This is a picture of love in the sand. I took it last time i was on the beach and i think it would be a great picture on a postcard.

Milfod on sea sunshine

Milfod on Sea is picture perfect! The beach is so sandy and the rocks and great fun. I took this picture on the off chance and im very glad of the outcome. This really is a picture perfect place, i erg you to go and visit sometime!

Also happy 100th The Gallery posts! I have only been involved in a few but im very glad and it’s great fun!

Morning- The Gallery

16 May

The weeks theme for The Gallery is morning!


This photo to me shouts morning and sunrise! I took this when i was at my bus stop on the way to school a little while ago. I saw this as THE perfect photo opportunity and im glad of the outcome, especially as i took it on my iPod!

When someone says morning i instantly think of the sunrise so this picture shows it beautifully to me! I think of the wonderful colours and the bright sun, illuminating up the dark sky.
Saying that i do feel like a bit on an intruder because to be honest, i don’t like HATE getting up in the morning, especially on a monday!

So that is what i think of when i think of mornings!

Action- The gallery

25 Apr

This week the theme for The gallery is action. I thought long and hard about it and when it came to the photo, it had to be this one i took!

Billy jumping

This is my bro on the trampoline, just jumping about. For me action is fast, fun and well a little bit dangerous! I chose this picture because i think it is a great ‘in action’ shot. We bought this trampoline with our own money. I tell you this has totally changed my life, fun and just great for keeping fit! It also has opened up more sports for me and I have got into competitions for trampolining as well! Truly a great thing to buy!

Easter- The Gallery

11 Apr

My auntie who helped me start up this blog again, recommended I try The Gallery, a weekly photo challenge. I looked on the website and fell i love with the idea. Simple but 1000’s of ideas and it gives you the chance to be creative. You take a picture (or use one you already have) to do with the promt and write about it.
This week it is Easter.
Easter EggsFor me, remembering I am technically a ‘tween’, I love the chocolate at Easter! For me every Easter, I wake up, go down stairs, eat a bit of choccy and relax! My photo today was of the eggs i received on Sunday. At Easter I watch a film, eat chocolate and relax, I mean isn’t that what everyone does?!?!? Now, at Easter I am a rubbish saver.I can’t resist that cheeky nibble at the choc, a quick peck at another Easter egg and this year it’s no different. I will finish my eggs in about 2 weeks whereas at that time, my brother will probably have just finished his 2nd egg!
So to me Easter means eating chocolate, watching movies and just chillin’ with your family round the table with a roast. Who can blame us? This is the only DAY of the year that we can do all of those things in the same day!

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