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The London Room

27 Jan

Hi guys!

As you can probably tell I don’t really use this site any more, however I do have a new site called The London Room¬†which focuses mainly on fashion and beauty but it will have other content when I expand it, if you have any ideas go leave me a comment in my latest post!




Cory Monteith

14 Jul

All of my friends know me as a gleek! If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a name you call yourslef if you are a fan of the hit tv show Glee.
Today i heard some really sad news saying that Cory Monteith who plays Finn Hudson in Glee passed away.


He was such an amazing actor and he and Lea Michele were so amazing together. My heart goes out to his family and friends and especially Lea Michele, i can’t even imagine the pain she is going through. He will be very missed.

Is designer too expensive?

9 Apr

I went to westfields yesterday and bought a reaaaaaally cute Ted BAker toiletries bag! I had decided to treat myself!


It was £25.00. Was this to much for a toiletries bag? Or was it enough to pay for a designer brand?
Some people think that designer brands are just an overpriced brand with a fancy logo but is there more to it?
I felt great walking around westfields with a designer carrier in my arm to let people know what I had bought, doesn’t everyone??

Do you think designer brands are worth all the money or would you jut buy a cheap fake?
I love designers like Chanel, burberry and Louis Vuitton and would totally buy the clothes and bags if I had enough money but the thing is I don’t! To me it is just a wish and I might have to settle with a fake some day.
What do you think, are designer brands really with it or are they just a logo? please tell me what you think in the comments!

Being blown off

24 Mar

Don’t you just hate it when you have something really fun planned for a weekend and then something happens at that friend cat make t anymore?
Well that seems to be happening to me a lot recently. My best friend and I were supposed to go shopping yesterday and then it gets to the day and I get a text. Let me just tell you that the evening before that I had also letdown by a frond so I just knew what was coming. For some reason my mind seemed to foretell the future and 5 seconds later the thought had become a reality. I know it was not her fault as she was ill but I was so annoyed as I had gotten a great day lined up and I couldn’t go, let me tell you it is hard for me when I can’t go shopping once I have planned it! The thought of those cute red heels or the new blue dress still sitting on the shelf tore me apart but, hay ho there is always tomorrow (if those new shoes and dress haven’t already been taken!!)
Does this ever happen to you? Please feel free and comment below on those annoying little experiences!!


Fruit tart

3 Mar


Just a quick update:
I made a fruit tart! Thy are sooo easy to make and are DELICIOUS!
All you need is a simple pastry recipe then use mascarpone and double cream with a sprinkling of sugar mixed in and you have your own amazing fruit tart!
Oh and don’t forget the fruit topping ūüėČ

1 Mar

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Fashion Friday

1 Feb

A new idea to start, Fashion Friday! Every week i will give you all the latest fashion and the newest, coolest stuff. Whats hot and whats not!

Today i thought i should start today with the SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) awards that took place a few days ago. My¬†favorite dress of the evening of the day was Jennifer Lawrence’s deep blue Dior Haute Couture¬†dress.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior

I love this dress on her and it really gives her a fabulous feminine figure. The colour suits her and is all the range right now! Her bright red lipstick is great right now and her swept over hair gave her the total glamours look!
What did you think of her look?

Another favorite girl of mine at the SAG awards was Nina Dobrev! She look H-O-T in a pink floor length dress with chapped sleeves!
Nina Dobrev SAG awards

Miley Cyrus in Cosmopolitan!!!

My new hottest girl crush! Miley Cyrus looked rocking in her spread in Cosmopolitan!

Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan
She looks stunning in this long black blazer!

Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan  2    She is looking super hot in this lavender look! I think her hair is fabulous with her new cut!

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