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The London Room

27 Jan

Hi guys!

As you can probably tell I don’t really use this site any more, however I do have a new site called The London Room which focuses mainly on fashion and beauty but it will have other content when I expand it, if you have any ideas go leave me a comment in my latest post!




Long time no see

29 Sep

Hi guys!

Just to say with school back on it has been HECTIC! So from now i have decided, so i can manage my blog and my school life, i will post 2-3 times a week. I will also have a Silent Sunday as much as i possible can!


Rosie x

David&Goliath my clothing heaven!

14 Apr

David&Goliath. This is my favorite shop. Ever. I own many of their products and well lets just say that shop owns most of my money. Last Christmas I was ecstatic when I got 6 t-shirts and a bag from David&Goliath.

avid&Goliath tops and bag

Yes! I was so lucky! 😀
David&Goliath is basically a super cool and exciting shop online and in a few selected stores around the UK. My nearest is in Covent Garden or Bluewater shopping center.  The good news is that it has clothes AND accessories for all ages; babies/kids, men and women! I have also bought a few items myself and i can’t tell you how much i love them! I only take them off for a wash then, the next time its in my wardrobe, swoosh, it’s back on!

Easter- The Gallery

11 Apr

My auntie who helped me start up this blog again, recommended I try The Gallery, a weekly photo challenge. I looked on the website and fell i love with the idea. Simple but 1000’s of ideas and it gives you the chance to be creative. You take a picture (or use one you already have) to do with the promt and write about it.
This week it is Easter.
Easter EggsFor me, remembering I am technically a ‘tween’, I love the chocolate at Easter! For me every Easter, I wake up, go down stairs, eat a bit of choccy and relax! My photo today was of the eggs i received on Sunday. At Easter I watch a film, eat chocolate and relax, I mean isn’t that what everyone does?!?!? Now, at Easter I am a rubbish saver.I can’t resist that cheeky nibble at the choc, a quick peck at another Easter egg and this year it’s no different. I will finish my eggs in about 2 weeks whereas at that time, my brother will probably have just finished his 2nd egg!
So to me Easter means eating chocolate, watching movies and just chillin’ with your family round the table with a roast. Who can blame us? This is the only DAY of the year that we can do all of those things in the same day!


28 Dec

I have tumblr! You can follow me on it! My name is my head and me just like this blog! If you have any thing you want to say please feel free and comment and if you follow me i’ll follow you! Please and get as many people as you can to follow me! Much appreciated and Im alos on twitter but thats just my name as me so yeah hope you find me and PLEASE follow!!!

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