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Cookie dough! (to eat raw!) (foodie Friday on Monday!!)

17 Sep

Today im going to show you how to make cookie dough! This cookie dough is the type you can eat raw and its so quick to make as well as being very simple!


150g sugar
120g butter
150g plain flour
2-3 tsp vanilla extract
cocoa powder

1. pour the sugar and butter into a bowl and mix until creamy

Butter and sugar

2. Add in the flour and vanilla extract and mix until it looks like breadcrumbs.
Add a little bit of milk.

Cookie dough breadcrumbs3. Mix the milk in, until all the mix sticks together and becomes slightly gooey.

Gooey4. Now pour in as much cocoa powder as you want to get it to a nice chocolaty taste. If you want it plain, just skip this step!

Enjoy! Put it in a bowl and eat! You may want to add a filling like chocolate chips or raisins. Just add as many as you want to fit your taste!

Cookie dough finished!





Silent Sunday

22 Jul

Giant Kit Kat

Family day

21 May

So on Saturday i went to my Auntie’s house in Kent!

The family

It was a lot of fun plus we also saw our cousin and her daughter that live in Italy! We haven’t seen them for over a year so it was great fun catching up with them!

Meggie and Gracey

We had soooo much fun including playing on the trampoline and the swing, drawing and playing with play dough, played with bubbles oh yes and posed for some photos(!) and so much more!

Playing on the swing SofaaaaaaChocolate eating!!



Foodie Friday: Very Berry and Chocolate Cake

20 Apr

So i stumbled upon this recipe in my book Biscuits, Baking & Cakes and just had to try it! It was a triple layer cake with chocolate buttercream AND berries!!!!! What could be better? The only thing was, was that the cake in matter wasn’t cake it was meringue. I didn’t have most of the ingredients so i decided to settle with cake instead of the meringue. But if you wan’t to do it with meringue simply follow my meringue recipe from last week!


240g butter, softened
240g sugar
4 eggs
240g self raising flour
For the topping/filling
75g butter, softened
420g icing sugar
50g cocoa powder
3-4 tbsp milk
450g mixed summer berries

First add your butter and sugar into a bowl and mix until light and creamy.

Sugar and butter mixed

Now add both your eggs and your flour, mixing or whisking until thick and creamy.

Sponge mixture mixed

Turn the oven on to Gas mark 6/ 200oc/ 400of. Grease your cake tins and then pour 1/3 into each tin. If you only have 2 tins then just keep the other 1/3 then use one of the tins after it has cooked.

Cake in the oven

When all 3 are done (and AFTER you have licked out the bowl 😉 ) it will be time to make the yuuuuumy filling!
Beat the butter, cocoa powder and icing sugar together, adding the milk as you go.

Chocolate buttercreamWhen this is made, spread it over your bottom layer. Sprinkle a 1/3 of your summer fruits generously  on top. Do this for the next for your other layers as well, topping the top off with sprinkled icing sugar!

Layer cake

Enjoy this truly spectacularly, yummy cake!!

Berry and chocolate cake finished

Silent Sunday

15 Apr

Easter Eggs!

Easter- The Gallery

11 Apr

My auntie who helped me start up this blog again, recommended I try The Gallery, a weekly photo challenge. I looked on the website and fell i love with the idea. Simple but 1000’s of ideas and it gives you the chance to be creative. You take a picture (or use one you already have) to do with the promt and write about it.
This week it is Easter.
Easter EggsFor me, remembering I am technically a ‘tween’, I love the chocolate at Easter! For me every Easter, I wake up, go down stairs, eat a bit of choccy and relax! My photo today was of the eggs i received on Sunday. At Easter I watch a film, eat chocolate and relax, I mean isn’t that what everyone does?!?!? Now, at Easter I am a rubbish saver.I can’t resist that cheeky nibble at the choc, a quick peck at another Easter egg and this year it’s no different. I will finish my eggs in about 2 weeks whereas at that time, my brother will probably have just finished his 2nd egg!
So to me Easter means eating chocolate, watching movies and just chillin’ with your family round the table with a roast. Who can blame us? This is the only DAY of the year that we can do all of those things in the same day!

Fabulous chocolate brownies

10 Apr

I found this blogger and she has got me hooked! Not only does she have the most amazing recipes ever, but she knows how to write. Her blog is called The Londoner and i urge you to take a look. Now!
I saw the brownie recipe and thought OMG this is a must! So along to my auntie’s i went and we both made them together, (she also saw this recipe and fell in love with it). Here is how we did:

Chocolate Brownies

Brownie ingredients


1 paket chocolate chip cookie mix
1 packet double chocolate brownie mix
2 packets oreos double stuffed
1 egg
vegetable oil

Follow the instructions on the cookie mix and add an extra 1tsp of vegetable oil and 1tsp of water as we will be cooking it for more that the box says. I would say to cut some baking paper for your tin but making sure it also goes up the sides, i didn’t do that last time and it made it harder for me to take it out. Now spread your cookie mix onto the bottom of the tin for an even, thick base.

Brownie base

Now cover the base in oreos. Try to fit in as many as possible! 😀

Brownies oreo covered

Make the double chocolate brownie mixture, following the instructions on the packet. This time not changing anything. The mixture may be a bit lumpy but that’s fine! Pour the mix over the top of the oreos! Looking yummy!

Brownie mix pouring

Put in the oven and cook for 30 mins or until springy.

Brownies cooked


P.s. As the Londoner herself said, make sure you have fun licking out the bowl!
Also make sure you check out her Mars Bar melts and Giant Oreo cake! They look delicious, might try them myself soon!

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