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Hi again

21 Feb

hey, its me again!

I know i haven’t been posting for a while now and im sorry, i have just been so busy! i know this is totally not an excuse AT ALL but i am going to try to post at least once a week again and get this blog back on track!
There is nothing really new about me or my life, just as boring as usual. I want to keep this blog fashion related but i may stray off topic some times, so i apologise in advance!

Make sure to look out for my next few posts!

Rosie x

30 Jan

I have decided to open a new idea to my blog as you already know; Fashion. I will show you my ideas and generally blog about fashion!
I will be focusing on the award shows and the high street fashion.
I want people to see fashion in a fresh new way, through a 13 year old teenager. I want to show whats hot on the high street and get the latest looks at a more affordable price!

I  will look at the runway and at the high designers but i want to mainly focus on the high street and whats hot and not!

Sorry that was a whole bunch of text at one time but there is much more fashion on the way!!!!

New year, new look!!!!

27 Jan

Hey guys!

Its been so long, sorry for not blogging for ages! I have decided that, as well as blogging about daily life i will also start blogging about fashion! This is also for help in persuing a job i would love when i am older of being a fashion journalist!

You can also follow me on pinterest: rwhool1 and
tumblr: laceloveandlaughter.tumblr.com – that’s strictly fashion!!!!!!

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