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Being blown off

24 Mar

Don’t you just hate it when you have something really fun planned for a weekend and then something happens at that friend cat make t anymore?
Well that seems to be happening to me a lot recently. My best friend and I were supposed to go shopping yesterday and then it gets to the day and I get a text. Let me just tell you that the evening before that I had also letdown by a frond so I just knew what was coming. For some reason my mind seemed to foretell the future and 5 seconds later the thought had become a reality. I know it was not her fault as she was ill but I was so annoyed as I had gotten a great day lined up and I couldn’t go, let me tell you it is hard for me when I can’t go shopping once I have planned it! The thought of those cute red heels or the new blue dress still sitting on the shelf tore me apart but, hay ho there is always tomorrow (if those new shoes and dress haven’t already been taken!!)
Does this ever happen to you? Please feel free and comment below on those annoying little experiences!!

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