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Scented Nail Art

11 May


As I haven’t done one for a whie I thought I would do a nail tutorial!

You can choose any colours but I chose a white nail art pen and a scented baby pink from Modlels Own.

First paint your nails your chosen colour in a even layer.

Pink scente nail varnish

Next paint a line diagonally across the centre of your nail.

White strips

After that fill in the bottom half to create a triangle on half the nail.


Now for the fial detail, just add little dots just above the triangle.


I love these nails as they look really cute and i love the strawberry scented nails! Models own have crreated something amazing! It smells amazing as if I just want to eat it! It is a total must have for an nail art lover like me!


Tie shirt nails

16 Apr

Today i’m going to show you how to do shirt tie nails! I tried them a few days ago and i have to say, they may be a little tricky but the outcome is well worth it! tie shirt nails

Paint on a layer of clear nail varnish or base coat if you have any. I do this so it is easier to clean off and doesn’t discolour you nails! I used Models Own.

Clear nail varnish

After it has dried, paint a layer of your chosen shirt colour on top. I used red but you might want to go original and have white, or just any colour you fancy!

Red nails

After this, with a nail art pen (your choice of colour but I chose black), draw a dot in the center at the top. Now next to it on one side, draw a big loop and colour it in. Do this to the other side as well. You can buy nail art pens in Claire’s accessories Black nail art pen

Tie nails

Now draw 3 dots in front of the tie.

Tie button nails

To finish off colour in the tips of your nails in a thin arch.

Tip nails

Viola!! Your tutorial to tie shirt nails! 😀

Tie shirt finished nails

Models Own

17 Dec

Today i went to my aunts for a family get together and well i opened 2 christmas presents! Okay okay okay so i admit it was a bit naughty but who could resist the chance of opening 2 christmas presents a week early? Well i certainly coudn’t! I tore open the wrapping paper and inside the firts one was a pair of David and Goliath pj bottoms!!! I absoloutly adore d&g stuff and i LOVED it!

The second present was a gift set of models own with a buffer, nail varnish, crackle varnish, clear varnish and pink nail varnish. It was amazing and i really liked it but it also came with a £10 gift voucher 😀
I have no idea what to spend it on as everything they do is amazing! i have decied to go with a nail varnish and another thing but i just cant choose! Models own is a great brand and gives good quality products whatever it is. They are cheaper than most make-up brands but i prefer Models Own.

I really dont know what to choose and any comments would be greatly valued 😀 thanks

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