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Scented Nail Art

11 May


As I haven’t done one for a whie I thought I would do a nail tutorial!

You can choose any colours but I chose a white nail art pen and a scented baby pink from Modlels Own.

First paint your nails your chosen colour in a even layer.

Pink scente nail varnish

Next paint a line diagonally across the centre of your nail.

White strips

After that fill in the bottom half to create a triangle on half the nail.


Now for the fial detail, just add little dots just above the triangle.


I love these nails as they look really cute and i love the strawberry scented nails! Models own have crreated something amazing! It smells amazing as if I just want to eat it! It is a total must have for an nail art lover like me!


Watermelon Nails

17 Aug

Today im going to do a watermelon nail tutorial! I found a picture on pinterest and thought it looked really cool to do! It also is so simple and takes very little time to do!
(I couldn’t find my camera so i had to do it by my phone so sorry if the pics are not the best quality!)

Watermelon nails


First off, paint a pink base for the middle of the watermelon. It can be any type of pink but i prefer a dark pink. I used a nail varnish from MUA which is sooo good as they are all only £1!

Pink base


Now draw a thin layer of green on the tips to act as the ‘outer layer’ of the watermelon

Green tips

After that, directly underneath the green, draw a thin white line.

White undertips

Now for the final touches paint little black dots or lines in the middle of your nail to act as the seeds.

Watermelon nails

Simple! Enjoy!

Aztec nail tutorial

25 Jul

Sorry ive been away for so long!

Today im going to show you how to do Aztec nails!

aztec nails



1. Paint a layer of clear nail varnish onto your nails. When they are dry, coat it with a layer of white nail varnish.

aztec nails- white


2. After your coat has dried, paint on, using a black nail art pen, draw on any aztec design. You can find loads here on Pinterest!
I chose to start of with a half rectangle.

aztec nails- design3. A great way to do an aztec design is to layer it. With different colours just draw on top of your black design.

aztec nails- layering


4. another good idea is doing your tips a bright colour and doing a design on that.

aztec nails- tips aztec nails- tips 2







5. Another great idea is to add triangles to your designs.

aztec nails- triangles

aztec nails- triangles 26. My last tip is to include dots in your design.

aztec nails- final designEnjoy! It looks difficult but actually pretty easy!




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