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Ombre nails

7 Aug

I was on Pinterest a few days ago and I came across a pin about ombre nails. Naturally i pinned it then looked on the website! I just had to have a go! So here it is!

Ombre nails

Ombre nails

First choose 2 colours for your nails. I chose a mint colour and a darker turquoise.

Miss Sporty



Now paint your nail the lighter colour and wait until completely dry.

Lightest colour

After this paint onto a flat surface (newspaper or magazine i recommend as nail varnish is going on it) a pool of each colour, making sure each colour touches at the edge.

Pools of colour

Now with a toothpick swirl the colours together to get the ‘ombre’ affect.


After this, with a sponge dip it in the varnish a few times until evenly covered.


Now press over finger and press down. You can repeat this until you get the coverage you want.

Even coverage
When you have done this and your nails are dry get a cotton wool bud or brush, dip in acetone and wipe away the excess layers.

Ombre nails


Aztec nail tutorial

25 Jul

Sorry ive been away for so long!

Today im going to show you how to do Aztec nails!

aztec nails



1. Paint a layer of clear nail varnish onto your nails. When they are dry, coat it with a layer of white nail varnish.

aztec nails- white


2. After your coat has dried, paint on, using a black nail art pen, draw on any aztec design. You can find loads here on Pinterest!
I chose to start of with a half rectangle.

aztec nails- design3. A great way to do an aztec design is to layer it. With different colours just draw on top of your black design.

aztec nails- layering


4. another good idea is doing your tips a bright colour and doing a design on that.

aztec nails- tips aztec nails- tips 2







5. Another great idea is to add triangles to your designs.

aztec nails- triangles

aztec nails- triangles 26. My last tip is to include dots in your design.

aztec nails- final designEnjoy! It looks difficult but actually pretty easy!




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