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The London Room

27 Jan

Hi guys!

As you can probably tell I don’t really use this site any more, however I do have a new site called The London Room¬†which focuses mainly on fashion and beauty but it will have other content when I expand it, if you have any ideas go leave me a comment in my latest post!




Hi again

21 Feb

hey, its me again!

I know i haven’t been posting for a while now and im sorry, i have just been so busy! i know this is totally not an excuse AT ALL but i am going to try to post at least once a week again and get this blog back on track!
There is nothing really new about me or my life, just as boring as usual. I want to keep this blog fashion related but i may stray off topic some times, so i apologise in advance!

Make sure to look out for my next few posts!

Rosie x

Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Happy new year everyone! This year has brought many joys and many sad times but it’s time for a new year! 2012 will be bigger and better and who knows what will come about in 2012? Maybe the best invention yet? Or a brand new singer? All I know is that I am going to enjoy 2012 as much as I can and that it will be a great year! All those people who are vowing for a new year, a new start, well im not going to be on eof them! I may have a few resolutions but i certainly enjoyed this year, i wouldn’t change a thing about it! Happy new year everyone! Enjoy it!

Rosie x

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