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Watermelon Nails

17 Aug

Today im going to do a watermelon nail tutorial! I found a picture on pinterest and thought it looked really cool to do! It also is so simple and takes very little time to do!
(I couldn’t find my camera so i had to do it by my phone so sorry if the pics are not the best quality!)

Watermelon nails


First off, paint a pink base for the middle of the watermelon. It can be any type of pink but i prefer a dark pink. I used a nail varnish from MUA which is sooo good as they are all only £1!

Pink base


Now draw a thin layer of green on the tips to act as the ‘outer layer’ of the watermelon

Green tips

After that, directly underneath the green, draw a thin white line.

White undertips

Now for the final touches paint little black dots or lines in the middle of your nail to act as the seeds.

Watermelon nails

Simple! Enjoy!


Pink tipped nails

31 Jul

Nail time again! I just did an amazing pink shades design. In the design i used Kiss pink nail artist paint and it worked amazingly! It dries so quickly but also the brush is thin enough to paint amazing nail designs!

Kiss nail artist pink


But silly, silly me I forgot to take any pics so i will just have to try and show you without them!

Nails pink shades
It was very simple to do and only contained 3 different pinks.Simply paint your whole nail in the lightest colour first then let it dry.
Now paint your second shade on top of that, but 1/3 the way up this time, like in the pic.
Lastly after the 2nd shade has dried, paint your darkest (or brightest) colour on the tip!

Let it dry and voila! Enjoy!

Silent Sunday

3 Jun


A strange flower!

31 May


Silent Sunday

6 May

Pink mix

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