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Women’s Olympic road race

30 Jul

The women’s road race went through Kingston and i was there! This will be a great memory for years to come! Sadly as i didnt get any tickets this was a great opportunity to get involved and see some of the action!

olympics women's road race


When i first heard that the race was coming through Kingston i wasn’t particularly interested, in fact a bit annoyed since it would mean having to come home very late from my gran’s when the road opened. Since then though, my spirit has grown and i am so glad i went! The whole atmosphere and spirit was amazing even though it was literally thundering and lighting!

Olympics- spirit

Even through the rain everyone was enjoying it and when the Olympians came past it was a fantastic feeling of pride and joy for our country (who was 2nd at the time)! We were all craning for a good look with cameras at the ready for the racers to cycle round the bend!

It really was a great time and i am glad i went! After all Lizzie Atkinson Gb did win silver and i saw her in the race!

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